Houston Millennials is an organization that promotes millennials into positions of power. 

We do this through 36 annual events, 4 levels of membership, 8,900 current members, and 6 standing committees where members that join and advance committees: 



Community Service

Health & Fitness





Currently, there are 5 committees which anyone can join:

– Business Committee
– Communications and Social Media Committee
– Community Outreach Committee
– Health and Fitness Committee
– Membership and Networking Committee

To join a committee, first join our organization. Click the Join Now button to go to our Facebook Group page, request to join, and answer a few questions. Be sure to list your email so we can stay in touch!

General Member
– Join our Facebook group to be considered a general member – that’s it!

Active Member
– Be a General member
– Attend 2 General Assembly meetings
– Join one of our 5 committees

Leader Member
– Be an Active Member
– Volunteer or be appointed to a leadership role


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Houston Millennials started in early 2016 as a non-hierarchical Facebook group page. The initial focus was to network with other professional millennials. Fast forward to today: we serve as an organized, empowering group of millennials who provide each other leadership, opportunities, friendship, and unity.

We are here to help millennial professionals network with other young movers and shakers and advance in the private, public, and non-profit industries.

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